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Why Bigger Choice is Better for Business
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Every office environment is different. Selection of office furniture not only has to take into account the available floor space and layout, including considerations such as access, lighting, power and ingress/egress, but it must also factor in the business function, culture and corporate style of the occupier, not to mention the influence of budgets.

September 2019

Everybody deserves a good office chair
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The average office worker spends the equivalent of 65-75% of their working hours sitting down, half of which is in prolonged periods of sustained sitting. Many recent studies have also suggested that prolonged sitting for more than seven hours a day contributes to negative health consequences. However, sitting at a desk is an essential part of the office working day, so selecting the right office chair is a very important decision.

July 2019

A workspace that works
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Increased comfort and flexibility in the office environment is a relatively new phenomenon because it has been proven to contribute to improved employee wellbeing and productivity. When you spend hours at your desk every working day, even the smallest features of your workspace, such as the position of your monitor, a cluttered desk, or the height of your chair, can greatly affect your working day and even your health.

April 2019

A lovely set of lockers
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Lockers are the perfect storage solution to keep business premises functional and clutter free, whilst providing employees with a secure place to store their personal effects, clothing and possessions in all office and workplace environments. There should always be a safe space where people can store items in an office rather than stuffing them into a drawer or piling them on a desk.

February 2019

Workplace design and worker’s mental wellbeing
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After the rush of the Christmas holidays, January can be a difficult month. The festivities have ended. It’s cold and a long wait until pay day. It’s little wonder that Monday 21st January has been adopted as “the gloomiest day of the year.”

January 2019


Office Design for Well-Being: ‘Prospect and Refuge’
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Theories about how we respond to our environment have influenced architectural design since the early 1950s and the work of a geographer-poet, Jay Appleton, has generally become accepted as being important enough to influence the way architects have designed our living spaces, both at home and at work.

September 2018

Choosing the Right Boardroom Table
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The boardroom is an integral part of any office and it’s the room where it all happens. It’s the key place for strategic planning, where crucial business decisions are made and where important deals are struck. As such, the boardroom design needs to create the right impression for customers, employees, important business contacts, interviewees, and showcase the business in the best possible way.

August 2018

Making the workspace more inspiring
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The majority of people know what they don’t want to see at work - lackluster, uniform spaces where ideas go to die! Employees are seeking spaces that evoke a sense of belonging and personal connection, where they are inspired to come into work each day with bespoke furniture solutions and progressive office layouts which help them to do their best work.

June 2018

Versatile Chairs for a Versatile Office
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Office work is rapidly changing as new developments in computer technology come along which can make our jobs easier, but which also can present new problems for both management and employees. We have all heard about how sitting for long periods of time on a regular basis is not good for you, and the sedentary lifestyles of many of today’s workers are posing serious health challenges and costs to people and businesses across the country.

March 2018

Become more active at work
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Are you sitting comfortably? You might not be by the time you finish reading this, because spending too much time perched on your posterior could be seriously damaging your health. We are sitting way too much in our offices with desk jobs and medical experts are now declaring that ‘sitting is the new smoking’.

February 2018

How office design can increase productivity
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Life for employees around the office is evolving faster than ever before. The modern workplace is a dynamic space, and one which has experienced great change over recent years. It’s no longer somewhere people have to go, clock in, do a job, and then clock out. Nowadays, companies are asking their employees to constantly innovate, be creative, embrace modern technology and drive change.

January 2018


The Need for Personal Space
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The modern office serves significantly more people per square feet than ever before. With the current trend of open plan offices, the walls have come down and the barriers to communication have been dispensed with. The amount of personal space allocated to each employee has fallen in the last few years and while there some people who thrive in this atmosphere of openness, there are others that grumble about the increased noise and the loss of private space.

December 2017

Absorbing unwanted noise with acoustic furniture
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It’s well documented that open plan offices now make up a large percentage of offices layouts, however a lack of walls and barriers in these spaces has invariably led to an increase in noise levels. There has been considerable research conducted regarding the best way to control sound and disturbances in the workplace and in particular, how this influences employee wellbeing and satisfaction. These studies have shown measured physical symptoms of stress and quantifiable loss of productivity when people are exposed to an uncomfortable acoustic working environment.

August 2017

Modern Technology and Workplace Design
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Today the world is fast-paced and ever-changing, and the modern office is now a home to some of the most advanced technology you’ll see anywhere. Go back 10 years and the iPad didn’t even exist; 20 years ago, mobile phones were in briefcases executives had to keep in their cars, but now offices are smarter, more flexible and, ultimately, more user-friendly than ever before.

July 2017

The millennials influence on the modern office
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As more baby boomers retire, millennials, those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, will soon become the largest generation in the workplace and they’re coming in hot with new ideas and high expectations of an office environment.

June 2017

The benefits of a workplace breakout area
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The concept of the breakout area has evolved to become much more than merely soft seating in the corner of an office or a small, dated canteen. It is now a modern solution for offices that utilises comfortable furniture to give employees a break from their working day. But what are the tangible benefits for employers when deciding whether to create a breakout area in the office?

April 2017

Don’t underestimate the importance of your reception area!
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The phrase ‘You only get one chance to make a good first impression’ cannot be understated. Just as a face represents a person, the reception area represents an office or a business, and many failures and successes can depend on that split second when a first impression is formed.

April 2017

Take Care of your Office Furniture
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At Dams, we understand that office furniture is an important, sizeable investment for any business. Office furniture and fixtures are an integral part of any workplace and they should be well taken care of and maintained regularly so there is no need to replace them for years to come. Below we have listed some helpful tips and advice on how to maintain and take care of your office furniture.

March 2017

Advantages of an open plan office layout
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Some 20 years ago, it was the norm for businesses to separate their offices into different departments, with smaller office spaces and dedicated working areas separated by long corridors. Fast forward two decades and this has changed completely. Gone are the days of old fashioned offices with endless corridors and cramped work spaces. In 2017 more and more companies are tearing down the partition walls and are opting for bright open plan spaces.

February 2017

Why Buy British?
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he world is becoming a smaller place. Have a close look at many of the products in any retail or wholesale environment and the chances are that you’ll find many of them with a ‘made in China’ stamp on the bottom. Products from all over the planet are readily available in our retail outlets.

January 2017

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