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How office design can increase productivity

January 2019

Life for employees around the office is evolving faster than ever before. The modern workplace is a dynamic space, and one which has experienced great change over recent years. It’s no longer somewhere people have to go, clock in, do a job, and then clock out. Nowadays, companies are asking their employees to constantly innovate, be creative, embrace modern technology and drive change.

Fuze desks

We spend around a third of our time at work, but work can become massively overwhelming for some people from time to time, especially if we are expected to work in a dull, uninspiring office. Engaging, stimulating surroundings can help encourage employees to work smarter and produce more creative ideas than those stuck in a boring, old office space. This might sound perfectly reasonable to you, but despite this a whopping 87% of employees are still not feeling engaged at work, according to a recent study by Gallup.

Research also shows that a well-designed office can increase a worker’s productivity by up to 20%. Office furnishings and layout can play an important part in boosting productivity, as well as potential, so is it time to switch up your office design?

Here we have put together some top tips to do just that:

Create an area that inspires

Even the smallest changes can positively impact the way we handle work. Using vibrant colour is a simple way to enhance the mood and allow employees to stay fresh all day. The introduction of colour can inject life into the workplace and impact greatly on the psychology of the office, so freshening up the office with colour is a good way to alleviate stress, as well as increase productivity.

Bring nature into the mix. Plants are another unique way to add inspiration to your office space and relieve stress. Pot plants also provide oxygen which makes it easier to breathe so are well worth the inconvenience of looking after them. Bad or dark lighting can lead to eyestrain, fatigue and even headaches so natural light is also important to help employees feel brighter, more refreshed and less lethargic.

People work in many different ways but it has been proven that keeping the workspace clean and tidy can significantly improve productivity. A disorganised office is going to deprive workers of the enthusiasm and zeal to properly work, and the most important component of the office interior is the office furniture. With the inclusion of great furniture, you'll have the ability to take your productivity to an entirely new level.

Boring furniture can make you lazy

All too often, companies underestimate the importance of office furniture and select ordinary, uncomfortable and unimaginative furnishings. Individuals can often lose interest in work when surrounded by boring furniture which not only affects productivity to a large extent, but can also make people irritated and lose focus due to the mountain of work on their desks.

The fundamental aspect of contemporary office furniture is to expertly combine comfort with functionality. Selecting the right office furniture, which reflects a company’s brand values and embraces smart working practices, can only contribute to a more effective and efficient workplace, increasing employee wellbeing, productivity and positive change. And it’s no secret that contemporary office furniture looks absolutely stunning!

A range of office furniture which falls into the ‘absolutely stunning’ category is the stylish, new Fuze bench desking range from Dams. Fuze desks are the perfect answer for a less corporate modern office, blending the best of European design with the highest workmanship standards to span a wide range of applications and support the most creative of workspaces.

Increasingly, businesses are moving away from dedicated single employee workspaces, towards more flexible working environments, and bench desk systems are the ideal solution for high density open plan workplaces. The sleek, curved lines of the solid oak legs, together with co-ordinated desktop finish options give Fuze a contemporary look and deliver a combination of form, function and sophistication in any office environment.

Fuze is also available as a range of stylish modular meeting tables so it is perfect for matching boardroom tables with desking for the totally coordinated look. The Fuze office furniture collection has been designed to present your company in the best possible way, making a bold visual statement in any office landscape and offering everything employees need to be inspired and productive.

Well-designed office layouts do more for a business than visual beauty alone, and the variety of office chairs and their functions can also go a long way towards fulfilling the needs of employees. Providing functional, comfortable and stylish seating in the office is not only good for the health and wellbeing of employees, but it will also allow them to enjoy the space while doing the best job they can for the business.

Build an inspiring and successful business

The idea of people sitting in a drab office for 20-30 years, content with a regular wage and a good retirement package is a rapidly disappearing concept. Millennials, people in their 20’s and 30’s, will soon become the largest generation in the workplace and they are more likely to job-hop, searching for the perfect working environment. So providing the best environment in which to work will go a long way in ensuring greater employee satisfaction and retaining this creative talent.

Even if a business isn’t considered to be creative, don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t need creative people. Creativity isn’t just about blue sky thinking, having advanced design skills or being an entrepreneur. Creativity can be somebody who is an independent thinker who is capable of solving problems and developing ideas and concepts to suit any business objectives. Businesses can offer employees the tools to help them accomplish these objectives, but if the office’s furnishings and layout don’t help to inspire creativity and collaboration, the business could be as stuck in the past as the furniture.

An engaged workforce is one of the keys to success, and every piece of furniture is going to play an important part in boosting the productivity of employees, as well as maximising their potential. Implementing some of these ideas can create an office space that people are excited to work in each day, inspiring creativity and a deeper level of engagement, and businesses will enjoy the benefits of a creatively enthused workforce.

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