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A workspace that works

June 2019

Increased comfort and flexibility in the office environment is a relatively new phenomenon because it has been proven to contribute to improved employee wellbeing and productivity. When you spend hours at your desk every working day, even the smallest features of your workspace, such as the position of your monitor, a cluttered desk, or the height of your chair, can greatly affect your working day and even your health.


Everyone has their own workspace preferences. For some, a minimalist, clutter-free desk is essential, whereas others have their own systems and thrive amidst piles of paperwork. But either way, your workspace shouldn't wear you down, and that's what uncomfortable chairs, messy desks, and poor lighting do, even though you might not notice these things day after day. It’s all about how efficiently and safely you can work at your desk and computer to keep you healthy and avoid problems such as repetitive strain injury, back pain, or even fatigue.

How to Organise Your Desk

A little organisation or a system for your desk could help you better control your work day and keep you from wasting hours hunting for files or the notes you need. The phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is a principle that can easily be adopted for the working area. Simply put, have a clear-out and get rid of anything that you don’t need to be thinking about on a daily basis. And as for the stuff you do need, choose a sensible place for it and commit to keeping it there. Once you do that, putting away an item requires minimal thought.

If you think of your workspace as the cockpit of an airplane, and you are the pilot who navigates your way through the working day. All the important controls and everything you need are just where you need them within arm’s reach, but if can’t see the gauges or reach the controls quickly and efficiently then you could be in trouble. Also, ensure there’s enough room for you to move around and you are comfortable in your surroundings. Your elbows and your brain need room to do what they do best, so you’ve got to clear away the clutter.

According to a recent survey, 87% of workers polled in a survey reported that they feel less productive in a cluttered workspace and another 86% view disorganised workspaces as a sign of being unprofessional. To make matters even worse, 80% of respondents believe that a messy person damages the productivity of the whole office. So this isn’t just about your desk, this is about your productivity, and your reputation!

Essential Elements of an Ideal Workspace

The wellbeing of employees in the office space is becoming more vital, and the number one cause of lower neck pain is due to incorrect monitor positions. Poor monitor placement can also lead to eye strain, improper posture, shoulder problems, and more. If the monitor is too far away, you might be forced to lean forward and no longer have back support. Too near and your eyes have to work harder to focus. You should be able to read all text comfortably while maintaining proper posture. The top line of the screen should also be at or below your eye level so you’ll not be forced to strain your head, neck, and back.

A high quality monitor arm is often overlooked, however it is an essential piece of office equipment designed to create an ergonomic desk and working environment. Dams now have 3 ranges of monitor arms designed to increase comfort and flexibility. The Luna range of single and double monitor arms are affordable for any budget, but with no compromise on important features. Zoom single, double and quad monitor arms have been designed to easily move and position the 1, 2 or 4 screens to the correct eye level. And the Trojan gas lift monitor arms provide smooth and effortless adjustments which can be tailored to the user’s exact needs to promote good posture, improve efficiency, productivity and wellbeing of employees.

With the monitor in place, the keyboard should be close enough to your body so you can hold your elbows comfortably by your sides, preventing strain on your shoulders. And as for your mouse, make sure it's a comfortable size for your hands. If it's too big or too small, you might end up bending your wrist in awkward positions. The more work surface that you can keep free, the more space you will have for movement. So we would always recommend hiding any other equipment strategically behind your monitor or ideally under your desk.

The practical Neon CPU holder from Dams is easy to install and easily accessible, protecting the valuable computer equipment from damage and dust, in addition to keeping the CPU off the floor or desk, saving work surface and leg space. As an alternative, the premium Halo 4-sided CPU holder mounts beneath the worktop with convenient access to ports and cables and full 360° rotation – all available in black, silver or white to add the finishing touches to any office.

The Ideal Desk Height

Now you’ve sorted your disorganised, dirty or cluttered workspace, let’s discuss the ideal desk position. Your desk should ideally allow you to have your feet flat on the floor, and your legs fitting comfortably under the desk when sitting. If your desk doesn't support this posture, you can invest in a keyboard tray, get a footrest, adjust your chair height and seating position, or change the height of your desk.

Height adjustable desks are increasing in popularity as they allow you to switch between sitting and standing mode throughout the day – but not everyone has access to a sit-stand desk. But fear not, height adjustable desk converters now exist such as the Sora Desk Riser from Dams, which turn a regular desk into a standing desk without having to replace the current one. The monitor riser allows simple and smooth adjustments thanks to the gas spring lift which allows for any height setting within the range, and the separate keyboard and mouse deck adjusts to elevate the screen – keeping it at the correct eye level.

Assess the Mess

Take action and organise your workspace for the better. After all, most office workers spend so much time at our desks so we might as well get the most out of it. Your workspace should be specific to you. It should support both your wellbeing and how you work best. What you keep on your desk can affect your workflow and even small tweaks to your desk setup can have a big influence on your productivity.

Don’t let this easy-to-fix problem hurt your health, happiness, reputation, productivity and peace of mind. With smart solutions designed to customise the working area to different user’s requirements, offices can become smarter, more flexible, and ultimately more user-friendly that ever before, and Dams have everything you need to promote a more organised workspace.

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