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Choose the right office chair

June 2022

Whether you are redesigning an office space for your employees, or setting up a home office, navigating the world of office chairs can be overwhelming. The increasing number of products available on the market, in different styles, different materials, with different features and different benefits, makes it challenging to narrow your buying options and select the right chair for you.

choose the right chair

The first step in setting up an office chair is to establish the desired height of the individual’s desk or workstation. This decision is determined primarily by the type of work to be done and by the height of the person using the office chair. The height of the desk or workstation itself can vary greatly and will require different positioning of the office chair, or a different type of ergonomic chair altogether.

Once the workstation has been situated, then the user can adjust the office chair according to his or her physical proportions. But in order to choose the right office chair that suits the user’s body, there are a number of factors to consider.

The right fit

Walk through any office and you’ll see people of vastly different sizes and proportions. So when it comes to office chairs, no one size fits all, and what works for one person may not work for another, even in a similar working environment. The two main questions that you need to consider when selecting an office chair are firstly, is the chair comfortable? And secondly, does the chair support the user when they sit down to work?

Chairs have adjustable parts so they can be fitted to each user’s shape and size. But beware – these days some ergonomic chairs come with adjustable everything. However if adjustments aren’t easy and obvious to use, then people don’t use them. And if people don’t adjust their chair to fit them, they won’t get the benefits of the support. They won’t find the chair comfortable, and they may end up with an injury as a result.

The right material

The material of your office chair is crucial to your comfort. How the material feels on your body, how long the material will last, and how much support the material offers are all factors worth considering:

Mesh back chairs Mesh office chairs offer customised support for your body while keeping you cool. They are the epitome of breathability, making them a great choice for anyone who works in a warm office as the mesh allows better airflow to your back, paired with cushioned seats for comfort.

Fabric back chairs Fabric office chairs create an attractive office with comfortable, healthy back support. They are useful and practical seating solutions for the workplace, that not only give the look of comfort but are also available in a range of colours to fit neatly with the aesthetics of the office.

Leather executive chairs Leather chairs are opulent executive style chairs made of faux, PU, or real leather. They are typically associated with the archetypal executive office setting. They can be stylish, exuding elegance and can be extremely comfortable with a high back, headrest and plenty of cushioning.

Specialist chairs

The first recording of a chair being adapted for work purposes dates back to 1849. In fact, the innovator is none other than Charles Darwin. Darwin wanted to reach his specimens more quickly, so added wheels on the feet of his wooden armchair – a bizarre but absolutely brilliant idea that many people consider the first office chair.

Today however, there are more advanced specialist seating solutions available (as mesh back, fabric back or leather options) designed for those in need of more tailored support.

The TripleP range of performance chairs from Dams provide advanced ergonomics to help prevent any muscular issues from sitting. Ergonomic performance chairs are specially designed with the purpose of providing both comfort and support while you work long hours in the office, helping to prevent back and neck pain, and poor posture. And the TripleP range of performance chairs have been designed to best support the human body, focusing on posture, comfort, and support.

Grandeur bariatric chairs are big and tall chairs designed to cater for big users with large dimensions and height. Bariatric chairs tend to be larger than average task chairs with wider seats and backs, thicker padding and reinforced frames, addressing the needs of bigger and taller people so they can work in comfort during the day. The Porter and Isla chairs from Dams are characterised by their high weight capacity designed to safely handle heavy loads, to make the workday easier and help prevent health problems in the future.

The key to comfortable sitting is regularly standing up

No matter how comfortable you are in an office chair, prolonged static posture is not good for the body and is a common contributor to back problems and muscle strain. To avoid keeping the back in one position for a long period, remember to stand, stretch and walk for at least a minute or two every half hour. Even a quick stretch or some minimal movement – such as walking to the water cooler or bathroom - will help. A twenty minute walk will help even more, promoting healthy blood flow that brings important nutrients to all the spinal structures.

In general, moving about and stretching on a regular basis throughout the day will help keep avoid the joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons loose, which in turn promotes an overall feeling of comfort, relaxation, and ability to focus productively.

Wellbeing and ergonomics

A good supportive chair is a long-term investment in a person’s health and wellbeing, whether at the workplace or working from home. There is no single type of office chair that is an optimal fit for all users, and people should determine their individual preference for comfort while following the guidelines explained in this article to promote good posture and back support while sitting in an office chair.

The ultimate test for chair ergonomics is the comfort test and the right office chair can enhance work performance through good design, whilst also keeping you safe and healthy. But it is also imperative to note that a healthy day finds a balance between sitting, standing, and walking. From body size and shape to gender and generation, each play a role in preference of each individual. Your body is unique. As a result, you need an office chair that easily adjusts to fit you, your preferences, and how you work.

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