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Product design

At Dams we design and make intelligent products that are manufactured to meet real needs of the office furniture industry, and whose life span is appropriate to their use. Our in-house team of designers bring over 500 new, creative products to market each year, with a focused approach to sustainable product design and manufacturing quality, design-led products that deliver value for money.

We make sure every process during new product development, whether it’s constructing a new chair or designing a new worktable, reduces or eliminates our impact on the environment. Every new product that’s made consumes both energy and materials in its manufacture. If we are to achieve a sustainable future and a good quality of life, the products we make must have a meaningful lifespan. That’s why we design every product with longevity in mind.

Through our Dams, Dams@home and Social Spaces product portfolios, Dams are uniquely placed to meet the diverse, ever changing needs of the office furniture market.


The one-stop-shop for all your workplace needs Contemporary office environments call for stylish design in every aspect of their specification, and the Dams office furniture product portfolio offers all the good looks and aesthetic choices to satisfy the latest trends and the most enduring designs. Innovative and contemporary product designs are supplemented with traditional and modern classics to fulfil any customer requirement.

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Home working solutions for home offices We have a dedicated range of home office furniture solutions available to create an inspiring area to work with sleek office desks, comfortable seating and clever storage solutions. Creating a special place at home where people can work, study, think, do homework or just stay on top of paperwork is important for everyone, from the budding entrepreneur to the full time student.

Social Spaces

Design-led products suitable for corporate breakout spaces Our Social Spaces portfolio was launched in 2016 to cater for the growing desire for designer soft seating furniture to transform the office environment into a modern, multi-functional workspace where people can meet, relax, work or dine in comfort. Every piece of furniture in our Social Spaces range is made to order, with skilled precision and rigorous attention to detail. Our highly skilled team of designers and craftspeople use a wide range of traditional and modern skills to produce our unique range of products.

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