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Giving employees the tools they need

May 2023

Against the backdrop of the modern workplace and evolving work models, businesses are also charged with maintaining and increasing job satisfaction for their employees, with the aim of keeping and attracting the best, most talented workers. Retaining the star performers is harder and more complicated than ever, but it is also the biggest predictor of business success.

tools they need

Record numbers of people are switching between jobs, and record numbers of people are not working due to ill health. More than two and a half million people are currently not working due to health problems, the Office for National Statistics said earlier this month, with the study blaming an increase in mental health issues in younger people and people suffering back and neck pain, possibly due to home working, for the rise.

Modern companies have been forced to find innovative new ways to attract the best people and then keep them engaged. Businesses have to work harder to ensure their employees maintain work-life balance and their mental and physical well-being. Employees want to know that they are appreciated, which can be a more difficult challenge when people are often not even working in the same location as them.

Job satisfaction and productivity

Ensuring employees have the right tools to do their job well can benefit their productivity, but perhaps even more importantly, it can affect their job satisfaction. Furthermore, high productivity, job satisfaction and morale go hand-in-hand. Burnout, absenteeism, a disengaged workforce - these are the regular, underlying issues that impact productivity. Today’s workforce is looking for purpose-driven work to strengthen the balance and wellness they need to support the business and themselves.

For businesses who have transitioned to a hybrid of flexible working model, having the most advanced equipment and tools possible to ensure productivity and high performance has also become important. If companies don’t provide the right tools, then they may be setting their employees up for failure. It’s also important to make sure that all of these resources are in good, working order and within easy reach. It’s often the little things that can cause the frustrations, but when you add them all up, this leads to disengagement and low morale.

Working from home

Making sure your employees have the correct equipment when working from home is really important. Working from home has rocketed from 4.7% in 2019, to 58% of people in a hybrid working role in 2022, with an additional 19% of employees now working remotely. Studies have also shown that those who work from home with an ergonomic workstation set up are more productive. Ergonomic furniture provides employees the comfort and support they require to do their work properly and efficiently, even when they spend long hours at their workstations.

Properly-designed furniture helps to prevent employees suffering from musculoskeletal ailments due to poor posture and fatigue, affecting work quality and efficiency. It’s no coincidence that the sudden rise in remote working is being closely linked to the increase in back and neck pain, with a huge 55% of workers across the country reporting symptoms since the start of lockdown. Employee’s office setting, whether on-site or remote, should be equipped with the technology and tools they need to do their jobs.

The right kind of resources

Giving your employees the tools they need to do their job is also about more than just making sure they have desk space and a working telephone. It’s about making sure they have every relevant resource their job role requires. Does the current IT systems meet all requirements and do all the people that need access have access? Are people relying on others to do part of their jobs? If so, this could also cause some frustrations.

It’s also important to remember resources doesn’t just mean material things, such as furniture and software. But it can include people. Does everybody in your company have sufficient support from colleagues to do their job? Is the collaboration between teams as intuitive when working remotely as it is working in the office? Overall it doesn’t matter where or how fancy your office is and if you have all the latest kit – if other people aren’t helping then there will be problems.

Office Furniture

Office furniture selection cannot be arbitrary because every business and workspace is different, plus the nature of the business and employee requirements should both be important considerations. However the right office furniture can help employees work more efficiently. As an example, furniture designed for specific tasks, such as height adjustable desks, can help employees work more comfortably and with less strain. In addition, the right storage furniture can help employees access the resources they need to work efficiently, such as filing cabinets, pedestals or bookshelves.

As a manufacturer that sell products like sit-stand desks, ergonomic chairs and storage solutions, Dams ensure that our employees have comfortable remote workplace equipment – whether they are working in the main office or working remotely. Our ultimate goal is to foster office flexibility and the ability for our employees to choose where they want to work from and when they want to work. As long as they deliver on performance, the place they work from and the hours they work should be secondary.

The Dams Furniture Guide contains the ultimate collection of office furniture, with a focus on providing workers with high-quality furniture that is easy on the eye, but also delivers optimum support, posture and comfort for boosting overall productivity and reducing the physical stress of spending long hours in the workplace.

The Right Tools For The Job

Office furniture plays a vital role in the overall design of the office environment, and the benefits of appropriate and ergonomic furniture to employees and the business are undeniable. The choice of the right furniture, keeping in mind the needs of the employees, will help them to work better and longer without fatigue or suffering from ailments that negatively impact their physical health and emotional well-being. Office furniture is not a luxury - instead it gives the company a competitive edge that translates well for sustained profitability.

The upfront cost to provide employees with the proper tools and equipment might be expensive, but this is likely to be offset in the medium term if these tools increase their performance and productivity. Additionally, high-quality, durable furniture can save money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs. If businesses provide their employees with good tools and equipment and set them up so that they are working in a comfortable environment, coupled with the support they need to do their work, then this will help them harness their energy, increase their focus and achieve the performance that businesses desire.

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