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How sit-stand desks can improve productivity

March 2023

Height adjustable desks are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace, providing workers with the ability to conduct their daily duties while standing upright for some or all of the working day. Sit-stand desks have also become a popular choice for homeowners looking to enhance their home office space, which is no surprise given the range of health and lifestyle benefits that these products have to offer and offsetting any potential health issues that are associated with consistently being sat down.

sit stand desks

Among the most exciting and lesser known attributes of sit-stand desks is their ability to improve productivity. If somebody told you that making one simple change to employee’s work habits could increase productivity by almost 50%, then the chances are that you’d probably be more than a little sceptical!

But one study by the Texas School of Public Health found that call centre employees were 46% more productive when they used sit-stand desks. So let’s have a look at some of the contributing factors how these desks can help to improve productivity.

On a chemical level
The idea that height adjustable desks can improve productivity doesn’t only come from anecdotal evidence, but it is also grounded in research of the brain. UK office workers spend on average 40 hours per week behind their desk. Therefore, even if a fraction of this time is spent standing up, the body will respond in a similar way that it does on a leisurely walk or during household chores. The benefits of a standing desk aren't just limited to physical health either. Most of the time, people don’t consider the psychological consequences as well.

Researchers argue that height adjustable desks are good for your brain as well as your back. While standing, chemicals in the brain such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin are released, which results in mood improvements, consistent sleep cycles, enhanced energy levels and stress reduction. Each of these factors play an important role in the brain’s ability to focus. In a nutshell, the longer that our brains can hold attention to a particular task, the more productive we are.

Preventative health benefits
Along with a myriad of other long-term health consequences, sitting all day can lead to chronic pain and discomfort. Our bodies were not designed to sit all day, and doing so causes physical stress that can result in back pain, joint pain, damaged nerves, and chronic headaches. There is nothing more distracting than the physical symptoms of a health condition. These types of distractions are not to be ignored, however they often result in a serious reduction in productivity.

In the UK, around 9 million working days are lost per year as a result of musculoskeletal problems that can be brought on, or exacerbated, by being continuously sat at a desk. In extreme cases, health conditions associated with sitting for hours on end can stop you from working altogether. Taking care of your health with the help of ergonomic furniture such as a height adjustable desk is the best way to ensure peace of mind and physical wellness while you work.

Lifestyle improvements
One of the most common lifestyle factors that often falls by the wayside when people are busy at work is exercise. When it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day, many professionals put off their walks, fitness classes, or trips to the gym, and self-care often takes the backseat as workers focus all of their energy on professional tasks. Unfortunately, what we gain in time from rescheduling self-care, we often lose in productivity.

A lack of work-life balance can also be extremely disconcerting, and may cause workers to feel resentful of their workload or distracted by the growing list of personal things that they want to get done. Having a height adjustable desk installed is a great way to combine exercise with work, so you can end the day on a high note and feel relaxed in the evening. It's a great way to help you achieve the perfect work-life balance.

The value of movement
People tend to be more productive when they have the freedom to move and fidget while they work. Stationary desks can often lead to workers feeling bored and stuck in one position, which can cause our attention to drift and lower productivity levels. While 10 minutes of sitting can negatively impact your blood flow and circulation, 10 minutes of standing is all it takes to increase focus. Standing and moving in small bursts throughout the day also increases overall energy levels, preventing the mid-afternoon slump.

It’s also almost impossible to complete a full day of work without comfortable office furniture. Sit-stand desks help combat this problem by offering complete comfort that is tailored to the height and preferences of each individual user. Height adjustable desk owners can stretch their legs, keep their arms at a comfortable angle, and improve their posture. This is an excellent way to set yourself up for a successful and highly productive work day.

Elevate the working day
The Elev8² Touch range of height adjustable desks from Dams provides the ideal solution to address the issue of employees who have a sedentary desk job and who do not spend enough time standing during the working day. Sit-stand desk height adjustment is made through a twin motor for fast, fluid and natural movement of the desktops with a three tiered leg column that offers adjustability from 675mm to 1300mm to provide all the health benefits of periodic standing.

Elev8² height adjustable technology can also create an environment where colleagues can collaborate at standing meetings, combining unique design with versatility to transform corporate spaces like boardrooms into flexible meeting places. The majority of boardroom meeting are sedentary environments, so with the Elev8² boardroom tables users can vary their position from sitting to standing allowing for a variety of postures to be more physically active throughout the meeting.

Encourage productivity
The numbers and facts supporting the positive impact sit-stand desks have on productivity are impressive. That’s because there are multiple different physical and psychological benefits of using a standing desk that each contribute to the overall increase in productivity. Recent studies have also shown that height adjustable desks promote creativity, team interaction, collaboration and the willingness to share ideas.

Maintaining a healthy workforce is also crucial for employers if they're to prevent issues that can have serious effects on the capabilities and productivity of employees, such as continued absences, presenteeism and absenteeism. Despite the higher up-front cost compared to traditional desks, it's advisable for employers to consider if height adjustable desks could feasibly be introduced to their place of work.

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