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As an ethical and conscientious furniture manufacturer, we recognise our responsibility to the environment, and reducing our impact on it. This responsibility extends to our customers, dealers, and partners, and we recognise that reducing our carbon footprint reduces the footprint of anyone who works with us.

We continually strive to become ever more sustainable and, as part of our ongoing work for the environment, we are pleased to present our newest sustainability initiative, re.think.

Services we offer are;


What are the benefits?

Through re.think, not only can we help to reduce our partners’ carbon footprint, but we can help to reduce the costs and hassle associated with the handling of waste or old furniture. Additionally, through the scheme, participants receive annual certificates detailing their total CO2 saving, and the amount of waste saved from landfill. As an added bonus, dealers and customers can help to support charitable organisations through our re.use scheme.

rcecyling bags being carried

Why join?

By signing up for our re.think initiative, our dealers gain a fantastic, unique selling point that gives them an edge in the office furniture market and provides extra reassurance to their customers.

There are four pillars of re.think, which form the core principles of how the initiative operates. These four principles are re.cycle, re.use, re.manufacture, and re.invest.


Packaging waste and furniture

The Waste Packaging Recycling Scheme intercepts packaging waste streams and segregates each stream for comprehensive recycling.

Our Furniture Recycling Scheme ensures that every part of office furniture can avoid landfill by completely disassembling each product, then recycling each of the various materials used in the product.


Furniture that can be re-manufactured

Products such as chairs can be completely stripped down, and key components can be replaced, re-upholstered, and cleaned.

Wooden furniture can also be remanufactured in many ways. For example, desks can be cut down to make a smaller size desk or a locker from a pedestal.


In future sustainability

Our commitment to re-invest all of the profit generated through re.think will allow us to continue to innovate, creating new sustainability measures and ensuring a more responsible future for our sector.


Packaging and furniture

The re-use of packaging, and finding new homes for unwanted seating and office furniture, is another method of avoiding landfill. Packaging that can be reused is segregated and quality checked at the re.think depot, and then put back into the production process.

Furniture in good condition that is collected for recycling can instead be donated to charitable organisations.

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