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As an independent, family-owned company, built over 50 years, Dams recognises its corporate social responsibility and believe that the long-term future of the business is best served by respecting the interests of all stakeholders, customers, suppliers, employees and the wider community

Dams have formed a charity committee whose remit it is to develop and implement the company’s CSR policy and monitor its effectiveness and impact. The charity committee includes employees of different levels with one representative from each department who is the chosen voice of their work colleagues.

To celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2017, we set ourselves a challenge to raise a whopping £50,000 for charity over 12 months. Dams not only smashed through their £50,000 target but managed to raise a grand total of £61,336 for their chosen charities – Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and the British Heart Foundation

The Dams £50K for 50 years charity challenge aims to inspire and encourage Dams employees, both as individuals and as teams. Funds are raised through various events held throughout the year, and employees are invited to take up voluntary work for the chosen charities.

In addition to the company’s two chosen charities, Dams also understand that the company has a responsibility to the local area and are constantly striving to find new ways to engage with local communities to improve people’s lives. This is why Dams will continue to work in partnership with the Centre 63 community centre in Knowsley, Merseyside.

Dams have been supplying Centre 63 with chairs, sofas, desks, cupboards, and other furniture which they upcycle and either sell on (to provide funds to run the charity as Centre 63 are a non-profit organisation) or donate to the local community.

Dams have also signed up to a project with Knowsley Council where Centre 63 have agreed to train a number of people with work skills (including upholstery) and with the help of Dams’ endorsement Centre 63 been given a £75k grant for that training.


The Dams furniture upcycling programme helps to train local people in upholstery and the necessary skills required to make furniture, with the promise of guaranteed interview at Dams if they want to pursue a career in upholstery, helping Dams give something back to our local community.

Dams football


For any parents who have young children, the pandemic has been a tough time for the young ones stuck indoors for so long. So we decided to support local children’s sports teams through shirt sponsorship and supplying sports equipment to help kids have fun with their friends and get active.

Food bank

For the last 2 years, over the festive holidays, Dams worked with a local charity The Big Help Project supporting our local food bank and donating over 50 boxes of food, along with an additional donation of nappies, baby food etc. to those in need.

food bank
merseyside dogs home

MerseySide Dogs Home

Dams have been supporting MerseySide Dogs Home, making and donating dog beds and providing supplies such as dog food, toys and cleaning equipment to help in the day-to-day running of the dogs home. Read more

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