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We are all born with an ability to focus. But as much as we would like to retain that skill forever, life itself proves to be very loud, colourful and sometimes just too interesting for us to be able to avoid distractions forever. Being able to concentrate is something we need to fight for, especially in open offices. And the best weapon for winning that fight is not stronger coffee or cooler office perks, it’s offering your employees a real chance to focus.

Silen 1
Silen 1 person

Our office phone booth is effective and ready for when you need a break from office noise and distractions. It’s privacy for the user, and silence for the colleagues.

Silen 1.5
Silen 1.5

When looking for a silent space but you need a little more than a phone booth size, Silen 1.5 is the perfect booth at 1450mm wide. It makes focused working a pleasure and creates an environment that feels open and inviting.

Silen 2
Silen 2 person

Every team needs a space to meet, create and collaborate. Silen Space 2 is a stylish interior space where you can fit up to four people. It can even adapt to your business’s needs, no matter how big or small.

Silen 4
Silen 4 person

Silen Space 4 is the optimal space to hold your brainstorming sessions and easily accommodates up to eight people. The space is also effective for small team building exercises and important meetings.


Choose from our standard and custom colours or opt for a veneer finish

Standard exterior colours
Veneer options


Silen hubs have a host of features and customisable options including interior, frame, trim and carpet colours. 20W motion-activated LED lighting, ventilation to maximise airflow and accessories including UK plug socket and USB connections as standard.

Sound Reduction

The best sound reduction up to 43dB quieter inside, up to 10dB more than our closest competitor.

Wheel Away

It's got wheels for easy and quick relocation, all Silen hubs come with retractable castors

They Combine

It's modular, add separate modules. Reconfigure as your needs change.


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