Environmental statement

As a growing business, we recognise that the pursuit of economic growth and a healthy environment must be closely linked, and that ecological protection and sustainable development are everyone’s responsibility. We are committed to conducting our operations in compliance with all existing environmental legislation and applicable industry environmental standards.

We have established mechanisms to identify and quantify the significance of the company’s environmental impacts. Similarly, mechanisms have been established to identify and subsequently review environmental objectives and targets within an Environmental Improvement Programme.


We have two Biomass boilers’ to heat the 200,000² ft factory and warehouse space reducing our demand for oil and gas at the same time as improving our waste recycling, with over 95% being converted.


Office Furniture Recycling Solutions has been set up to support our customers in offering an office furniture recycling solution to the UK market. It can offer a complete removal, environmentally friendly disposal or refurbish and resale of office furniture across the UK.

Recycling office furniture will help eliminate long-term detrimental impacts to the living environment.

Our initiatives will also enable us to support local charities, creating opportunities for people as well as saving businesses money.

“Our company is committed to achieving continual improvement in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution.

Chris Scott Dams Managing Director”

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