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Waste packaging recycling and reuse scheme - re.think

We are pleased to announce the launch of our waste packaging recycling and reuse scheme, which forms a major part of the first pillar of our re.think sustainable solutions programme. This scheme enables our customers to easily dispose of unwanted packaging material in a manner that is not only low cost and hassle free but, most importantly, is sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

How it works

Sign up* to the scheme by contacting the Dams Transport team. Using our recycling bags segregate your recycling into 4 separate waste streams:

Cardboard and Paper
Plastic Packaging & Shrink Wrap
Foam Pedestal Corners
Wooden Corner Packaging

Once the recycling bags are full, customers should contact the Dams Transport team, who will co-ordinate a collection. Dams will collect the recycling bags and deliver them to our re.think depot, where the waste material will be processed for recycling or reuse purposes. All packaging waste processed through this scheme avoids landfill.

If you are a Dams customer, you can sign up for this scheme by contacting the Transport team at transport@dams.com, alternatively call 0151 548 7111.

* Unfortunately, not all locations can currently be efficiently collected from, as we aim to collect via return loads and in doing so maintain our low carbon footprint.

Recycle Bags

The 1 cubic yard recycling bags cost £2.50 and are sold in batches of 25 (£62.50 per order). This is the only cost you incur to remove and recycle your packaging waste. Order from our sales team using the product code RE-BAG.

Segregate waste into 4 separate waste streams. It is important that cross-contamination does not occur in order to prevent waste.

  • (RCY-01): Cardboard, catalogues, and brochures.
  • (RCY-02): Shrink & bubble wrap, chair bags, blue foam edge protectors
  • (RCY-03): Foam corner protectors found in our pedestal packaging.
  • (RCY-04): Heavy duty MFC and cardboard corner protection.
rcecyling bags being carried
bag collection


When you need a collection, simply call our transport team and let them know the quantity of each type of packaging waste, using the reference codes, and we will raise a recycle collection order and schedule the collection.

We will collect the filled recycle bags either when we deliver to you or on back loads, to ensure we maintain our low carbon footprint.

When you need more bags, please call our Sales team to place your order and start the process again.

Your report

Each year, those participating in the scheme will receive a report outlining the volume of packaging waste we have processed on their behalf, as well as the carbon saving that has been achieved by this process.

energy savings

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