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The Piano Acoustics range provides open plan offices and breakout spaces with multiple levels of acoustic absorption which are not only colourful and modern additions to the office aesthetics, but are also pertinent to the task at hand in each area.

piano wall tiles
Piano Tiles – Wall

Our Piano Tiles for walls are modular, acoustic panels are the decorative solution to sound control needs in any office, education or retail environment. Available in four shapes in a choice of colours and thicknesses, Piano wall tiles can turn an empty wall space into a creative work of art which not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also provides excellent acoustic performance.

piano solo
Piano Solo

The Piano Solo phone booth provide workers with a private acoustic space to make personal phone calls or one-to-one video conferencing. These sturdy single person pods come complete with a standing height table top which provides space for laptops or notebooks if necessary. Piano Solo is designed to keep noise from the outside out, while also enclosing the user to prevent them from distracting others.

piano chords
Piano Chords

The simplistic beauty of the Piano Chords hanging acoustic panels is that they are available in five unique natural and geometric designs with a selection of colours, styles, and endless design possibilities. Piano Chords are hung from the ceiling with brackets and act as a dividing curtain to provide the necessary combination of sound absorption and attenuation to control noise in interior environments.

piano scales
Piano Scales

Piano Scales are a range of suspended acoustic panels of various sizes and shapes that can be used in various combinations to improve the quality of the acoustic environment. Ideal for meeting rooms and dining areas, Piano Scales are a modern and interesting addition to any space, designed with functionality in mind to reduce reverberated noise and minimise factors that disturb meetings and get-togethers.


7 colours available to match your corporate image

Dark Blue
dark blue
Dark Green
dark green
Dark Grey
dark grey
Silver Grey
silver grey


Acoustics are essential in making our surroundings enjoyable by minimising noise, controlling reverberations and general improving the quality of the acoustic environment in office, education and commercial interiors.


Offers a high degree of personal privacy with acoustic properties


Ideal when making phone calls and video conferencing away from the desk


Solves the lack of private areas in noisy open plan offices offering privacy


Specifically designed to enhance acoustic comfort in the workplace


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