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Case Study - Riverside


Riverside Social Housing are proud to be one of the leading registered providers of social housing in the UK, offering affordable housing and support to people of all ages and circumstances. Through their housing, care and support services, Riverside enable people facing a wide variety of challenging circumstances to lead more resilient and independent lives.

Riverside is a values-driven organisation based in Liverpool, with a strong sense of social responsibility and a firm line in accountability to our customers, but the time had come for Riverside to look after their own employees too and needed to re-design the office to make it covid-secure so their employees could return to the office.

So when they decided it was time to re-structure, they needed a space where people could maintain social distancing to keep them safe at work. In order for the new space to be successful, it had to encompass 3 key elements. Firstly, it had to be a 21st century environment with complete space utilisation. Secondly, it had to be easy for people to communicate and work together even though they would be further apart than usual. And last but not least, they needed protection to reduce the risk of airborne germs between colleagues whilst still enabling them visibility.

The multi-functional Maestro 25 cable managed desking collection is designed to fit a variety of office environments, whilst offering an effective and affordable solution to cable control. Together with acrylic desktop protection screens which are easy to install, maintain and disinfect and provide a professional solution to reduce the spread of viruses and create a safe separation while still maintaining visibility between employees.

Dams, working together with the dealer, were successful in making a very effective space for Riverside that supports the new office environment, looks great and enables collaboration among employees, offering expert advice every step of the way.

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