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Case Study - Quantum Gate

Quantum Gate

Quantum Gate are IT consultants in Borehamwood. They help businesses "Assess and Architect" their future state roadmap for highly available and connected infrastructure in support of their application hosting and performance needs. The Quantum Gate team can develop a company’s colocation, hybrid cloud strategy and network integration layer necessary to ensure application hosting performance, with cost and scalability optimised to meet the evolving business and technology requirements.

If we’re being honest, we didn’t understand much of what they do either, but we do understand office furniture. So when Quantum Gate were re-locating to new premises they needed an office furniture supplies who can plan the space for them, suggest a desk arrangement for all their employees and install furniture to a set deadline. Quantum Gate needed to accommodate various work teams, while encouraging collaboration and creativity.

They sought to promote social interaction in the workplace, providing solutions for new ways of working and communicating while at the same time consolidating multiple locations with various workstyles and needs, into one new space. The flexibility of bench desking allows for easy reconfiguration and expansion of the work area as one project is completed and a new team moves into the space. So Dams in conjunction with the local dealer specified our Adapt bench desks, promoting an interactive working environment to enable brainstorming, innovation, and impromptu meetings.

Quantum Gate worked in conjunction with Dams expert space planning team to maximise space and employee satisfaction with an open plan layout and natural daylight. Open plan furniture allowed for easy interaction, but still maintained personal space for concentration and thoughtful individual work. With various Dams Furniture product solutions, Quantum Gate has beautifully outfitted their space to create an energetic, functional, and fun atmosphere to work.

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