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Case Study - Movianto


Movianto healthcare dedicated logistics offer a one-stop-shop offer for healthcare distribution, logistics and transports for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic industries. They offer outsourcing services along the supply chain such as warehousing, transportation and active temperature control logistics.

In 2019, Warrington Borough Council paid more than £45 million to buy Movianto’s major logistics building in St Helens, with Movianto leasing the building from the local council. This provided the ideal opportunity for Movianto to refresh their office with new furniture for their employees.

The design team at Dams worked with Movianto to create a space that would meet the daily demands of design work in their previous space, but in their new space they wanted something more adaptable, so the pursuit of the perfect work environment began. Dams provided a mock-up workstation that incorporated the key criteria of their requirements and it was determined that Dams was the right choice to create the collaborative, innovative office environment the client was seeking.

Adapt bench desks, partnered with the Senza mesh chair, was the solution chosen for the workstations that provided one footprint that could accommodate two work styles. The matching glazed screens and accessories that were available within Adapt include flexibility that allows the company to offer employees the ability to personalise their workspace with the pieces that best fit their needs. This was an important part of the collaborative culture the company was working to create and gave each employee input and a feeling of ownership during this time of significant change.

In addition, the cable management solutions were versatile for the users and added increased functionality. Movianto chose Dams because of its great desking, seating and storage options in matching neutral black and white finishes, and looked stunning doing so.

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