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Case Study - Cisco


In 2019, Cisco Systems signed up for an office lease at the newly refurbished St Vincent Street in Glasgow. The global IT and networking company moved into 5,300 sq ft of space on the sixth floor of the Grade A city centre building. As a specialist IT systems provide for small businesses where employees are increasingly mobile and need a reliable network, Cisco offers customers a flawless digital experience, with affordable small business solutions that are just right for their individual growing businesses.

Cisco secure remote work systems are very much in demand and can keep teams productive - all at a small business friendly price. They also wanted a space in their new building where their own employees could be productive by creating a modern space with open, collaborative areas, while still incorporating private offices and meeting rooms.

After evaluating several different companies, Cisco chose to partner with Dams for their total package of product quality, company engagement, and innovative design. In taking the time to really get to know Cisco, how they work, and what their needs were, Dams were able to provide solutions that truly reflected their culture and goal for this space, not only with the furniture but fabrics and finishes as well.

Being a new build-out, Cisco, the dealer, and the Dams team were able to be creative with the layout and products in the space. A traditional conference room was opened up and combined with a canteen area featuring a Slab table and bench, creating a multi-function space for meal times. Maestro 25 desks and wooden storage were paired with acrylic screens for a covid-secure office area. In the open, collaborative work areas, the large, comfortable and luxurious Helsinki sofas made lovely additions with deep padded seats and backs that offer unmatched comfort and support for both employees and visitors sitting for extended periods of time, whilst at the same time adding a look of modern sophistication.

The furniture was not only functional, but also beautiful with bright fabrics and bold patterns incorporated throughout the space. Through collaboration and communication, Dams were able to provide the perfect solutions for Cisco's unique needs.

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