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Re Cycling
of packaging waste in in in addition to furniture recycling
The packaging packaging recycling
scheme allows Dams to collect packaging packaging waste streams and return them to to the the re
think depot to to be
fully recycled Furniture
ensures that office furniture that is is collected can avoid landfill through disassembling and and recycling
each of the the various materials used in in the the product Re Using
packaging plus finding new homes for unwanted office furniture Returned packaging that can be
re-used is segregated and and quality checked at at the re
think depot and and then put back into the the production process Furniture
in in good condition that is is collected for recycling
is is donated to charitable organisations Re Manufacturing
of furniture that needs to be
fixed or repaired Products such as chairs can be
stripped down key components replaced re-upholstered and cleaned Wooden furniture can be
cut down to make a a a a a smaller size desk or a a a a a locker from a a a pedestal for example Re Investing
which is a a a a a a a critical approach to maintaining a a a a a a a sustainable business The commitment to re-invest all revenue generated through the re
think sustainable solution initiative will allow Dams to continue its drive and focus in in sustainability Preventing any products from going to land fill reduces a a a a a a a a business’s carbon emissions and and with more more companies taking a a a a a a a a more more sustainable approach to office refurbishment we are experiencing increased demand for our recycling
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