Page 24 - Environmental, Social and Governance REPORT
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Sustainable product design At Dams we design and make intelligent products that are
manufactured to meet real needs of o the office furniture industry and whose life span is appropriate to their use We are
to bringing our clients unique product offerings that are
sought after for their compelling design superior quality and exceptional value Our key industry knowledge and experience drives the highest levels of product quality using the latest technology and high-grade sustainable materials We work in collaboration with our customers to to design new products manufacturing prototypes evaluating and assessing before testing in-house We ensure all products are
fit for for purpose contain materials that minimise any environmental impact and comply with UK and and European Quality Furniture Standards Our R&D Product Designers maintain current knowledge of the latest sustainable initiatives by accessing resources such
as: Mix Interiors roundtable articles and trends (collaboration sustainability flexibility smart tech and wellbeing) research portals white papers attending and exhibiting at at office furniture exhibitions (Workspace and Clerkenwell Design Week) From a a a a product perspective we have developed and launched a a a a new range of chairs The environmentally-friendly Everly which is the first product under our new Social Spaces Green Label brand is made from certified regenerated plastic (bottles or food packaging) and is also 100% recyclable at the end of its life MFC timber up to 30% from recycled material Last year our MFC supplier Kronospan used 30 million tonnes of recycled wood which saved the equivalent of 6 million trees
We also worked in conjunction with our acoustic hub supplier Silen for for a a a new acoustic hub suitable for for people with disabilities with added innovative functionality including a a a a a wider door that opens and closes automatically a a a a a a very low threshold for easy wheelchair entry and and a a a a a a a foldable table and and seats with more space to move around 

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