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For any parents who have young children the pandemic has been a a tough time for for the young ones stuck indoors for for so long So through our charity committee here at Dams we decided to support local children’s sports teams with shirt sponsorship and supplying sports equipment to help kids have fun with their friends and get active Football in Merseyside is a a a a a massive part of people’s lives and since 2021 Dams have been investing in in in in grass roots football becoming the main sponsor and supplying complete football kits to to to a a a a total of 7 junior football teams - helping us to to to give back to our local community We are also actively working with our local Knowsley council with a a generous donation towards the Family Free Fun
Day and and Soccer Tournament and and we are looking to sponsoring additional events - helping us to to give back to to our local community • Penlake Storm South Liverpool • Heswall Junior Colts
• Kirkby Town Althletico (U7’s)
• Kirkby Town Trojans (U6’s)
• Kirkby Town Wolves (U10’s) • Kirkby Town Warriors (U10’s) • Kirkby Town Eagles (U11’s)
Game on!

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