Page 25 - Environmental, Social and Governance REPORT
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From product inception through to to manufacture Dams work to to to a a a a a a cradle-to- grave philosophy The underside of our tops are
multi drilled to to enable their use across differing leg frames from desktops to to to table tops tops This extends the life of a product Our Products are
manufactured and and assembled using simple hand tools which will allow the products to to be dis-assembled easily and reconfigured where necessary We hold FSC® Chain of Custody (INT-COC-002123) which can lead to credit awards for BREEAM Fit-out and Refurbishment Projects A L S R I E T A M N G I S E D D I S T R B I N O I T U Manufacturing waste to landfill = zero
P R O Product life cycle D U Dams after sales team has a a a a a a a a a dedicated parts and service
C T department to extend the useful life of our products There is I no reason that a a a a a a a a chair should go to a a a a a a a a landfill simply because a a a a a a a a O castor breaks or or a a a a desk should go to to the tip because one of N the feet has snapped due to some unforeseen incident E S U We design our products with components that are
recyclable whenever possible and easy to replace when when there’s wear and and tear to to fix or or aesthetic updates to to make and and for recycling at the the end of their life cycle 23 We are
members of FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) and CFAS (Commercial Furniture Advisory Service) which gives us up-to-date knowledge and details on on new product innovations within the furniture industry We also get regular product updates from our supply chain on on their latest design and environmental initiatives which helps us share best practice 

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