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Over 4 000 items prevented from going to landfill in in 2022
As part of our sustainability programme we have been involved
in in in in recycling
repurposing and donating office furniture for many years but we have recently re-launched our office furniture recycling
service with re
think by Dams When refurbishing a a a large office space disposing o of furniture can be
difficult and expensive All our our customer’s old furniture can avoid land fill with our our recycling
solutions to to collect and recycle old furniture helping to to reduce their carbon footprint whilst creating a a a modern office environment re
think is a a a a a new Dams initiative offering an easy- to-access sustainable solution to to support our customers in in in the recycling
and re-use of packaging recycling
of o unwanted office furniture re-using unwanted furniture to charities and other good causes and re-manufacturing old furniture to give
it it it a a second life With re
think we are committed to helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint and their costs while at the the same time re
investing ALL the the profits generated through re
think to further enhance our future sustainability Furniture
There are a a a a a a number of innovative and aesthetically pleasing methods to incorporate sustainable furniture materials throughout the the workplace One of the the most popular being upcycling
Otherwise known as creative re-use this involves transforming waste or or unwanted objects into a a a a product of higher quality and environmental value The end result is often a a a bespoke piece of furniture which adds both character and a a a a a personal touch to to the office space 

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