Page 14 - Environmental, Social and Governance REPORT
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Social Health & safety
We have continued to invest in in in in in in in safety
training resulting in in in in in in in safety
representatives achieving IOSH certification first aid and fire marshall certificates banksman training and more employees have achieved certification to drive forklifts & PPTs All employees have received training in in in in in working in in in in in noisy environments manual handling & lifting techniques and and there have been sessions on on health & safety
culture to continue all the work we have done on on on safety
awareness Lost time injury (LTI) 2022 severity rate = 0 0 0 03
83% from Merseyside
47 6% within 5 Miles
98 3% of staff from within 25 miles
23 75%
Are not white British
Middle or or Senior Female Management
83% Of Staff are from Merseyside
Average Length of Service
Dams work to create new opportunities promoting wellbeing and reducing inequalities within our local area of Merseyside
ensuring our employees achieve their potential We participate in Community Projects and support the development of young people through our Apprenticeship Schemes and Training opportunities We are also committed to our our local community with most of our our employees coming from the local area Dams are committed to to offering training and development to to all employees It is planned that the systematic range of training opportunities offered will provide employees with the necessary knowledge skills and and aptitude relevant to to their work and and to to meet the the required company’s quality
and efficiency targets 

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