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and placements
Dams are committed to to fairness equality of opportunity and and diversity in all its employment practices policies and and procedures We try to to work work in in in in a a a friendly environment both in in in in the context of our our our work work and in in in in our our our own communities We continually review our our our recruitment and retention strategies to to ensure they focus on on attracting the the best talent into key areas Dams follow a a a a a a a continuous improvement programme to better our local environment and support advancements in in socio-economic issues It is is our director’s responsibility to to develop the company’s Social Responsibility and Environmental Policies by identifying
goals and and and setting annual targets which are then implemented across the the business and and and regularly monitored and and and reviewed 13
We are members of of Knowsley Chamber of of Commerce and have trained four Apprentices over the the last two years (who are still with the the business) in in Modern Upholstery Upholstery within our Upholstery Upholstery Department and Electrical Apprenticeships
within our Factory in in association with with the North Lancashire Training Group (Investors in in in People Accredited and and Disability Confident) and and Riverside College in Widnes & Runcorn Currently we are looking to fill the following apprenticeship roles:
• • Modern Upholstery • • • Sewing Machinists
• • • HGV Drivers
• • Warehouse Operatives
We’re committed to promoting and encouraging apprentices across a a a a a number of of business functions offering training in in in in in the most up to date technology supported with a a a a hands on mentoring approach which encourages innovation and unlocks talent potential for the future We are actively looking at an an expansion of the apprenticeship roles (paid in in full) We also work with with local colleges for placement days within Dams that are designed to to provide an invaluable insight into the business at a a a a a a time when students are making life-changing decisions about their futures These placements
help to give hands on industry leading experience which is something that enhances the college’s curriculum 

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