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We have also installed Bicycle Racks at our New Premises and installed Electrical Vehicle Charging Points Health 7 & wellbeing (Employee benefits)
We are members of of Smart Go Merseyside (part of of a a a a a a National Service to help employers encourage low carbon transport by providing offers on on buses trains electric vehicles gyms and more) which demonstrates our our commitment to our our local environment 7 Benefits
We also operate a a a a a a a Simply Simply Health Health Cash Plan – Simply Simply Health Health allows employees to claim back the cost of regular health appointments and and treatment like the dentist and and optician They can also claim back the cost of less frequent healthcare such as a a a a a visit to a a a a a chiropodist or a a a a a physiotherapist We also have death-in-service benefits and an an an annual flu vaccination clinic for employees 14
Dams Gateway App
We also introduced the Dams Gateway App
which offers our employees savings on food clothes well-being discounts (gyms healthy eating) and even insurance which has been more essential than ever over the last year with costs of everyday items rising 

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