Page 12 - Environmental, Social and Governance REPORT
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Dams recognises that it it has a a a a responsibility to help protect the environment wherever it it has an an opportunity to to to do so to to to be a a a a responsible neighbour and to to to provide a a comfortable environment for for its employees to work in Savings
In 2024 we are due to install solar panels on our manufacturing site and distribution centre Solar panels work by converting solar radiation into electricity with inverters to to convert the electricity generated from DC to to AC With our £700k investment we’re installing 2 360 solar panel modules with 9 inverters to generate our our own renewable electricity with over 20% of our our site demand then coming from solar power and an an an estimated annual carbon saving of 172 tonnes Generator surface area 4 299 m2
System Size 885 kWp
One of the measures we’ve recently improved is our our dust & fume collection system in our our manufacturing facility by applying technology and controls from our partners Ecogate Air quality electricity use noise levels - all of them are improved In the past year we have also invested heavily in in safety including major upgrades
to fire alarms
& smoke detection systems machine upgrades
to include new guarding & electronic safety devices and more frequent checks of our mobile plant & work equipment resulting in in improved repairs & maintenance 100% of electricity from green sources in 2022
We’ve overseen a reduction
of of 53% of of our total Scope 1 and 2 kg CO2 equivalent emissions in in in our manufacturing operations since 2019

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