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Environmenta l (Fighting climate change)
To improve Dam’s environmental performance last year we engaged with EcoVadis the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings intelligence and collaborative performance improvement tools for for global supply chains EcoVadis’s easy to use and actionable sustainability scorecards provide detailed insight into environmental social and ethical risks across 200 purchasing strategies and 160 countries They analysed our performance and benchmarked us us against the worldwide Furniture Industry on 4
main categories:
Labour and Human Rights Ethics
Sustainable Procurement
We’ve recently received our Ecovadis Sustainability rating for 2023
and we’ve achieved a a a a a score score of of 69 - a a a a a solid improvement on last year’s score score of of 66! This puts us us in the 93rd percentile high energy uses for equipment and look for anomalous energy usage After this data has been received analysed and monitored regularly we accurately input initiatives to reduce energy consumption and run the business efficiently Our ESOS phase 3 report is underway to provide us us with additional insights into our energy saving opportunities We set out all design briefs to maximise the the use of recycled content and the the potential for 100% recyclability as per principles of ISO/TE 14062:2002 Dams purchase FSC certified timber-based products which ensures product is only sourced from managed sustainable and legal forests We select materials that have high sustainable environmental credentials and can be recycled at the end of of life As an an an example one of of our fabric manufacturers ‘Camira’ have introduced a a a a a a a a a a new range of Sustainable Fabrics which we are promoting 9 9 

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