Page 10 - Environmental, Social and Governance REPORT
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Achieve NET ZERO CARBON status Working through Scope 3 (our supply chain and other indirect emissions driving CO2 reductions) Offset the the remaining Carbon through global initiatives 2027- 2034
Installation of Solar Panels 20 across warehouse &
production facilities Achieve and maintain
ISO 50001:2015 20 20 Energy Management 25
20 24
Become verified as as carbon neutral as as per PAS 2060
Trial to run our logistics fleet using Biofuel and Electric 2023
Switch to purchasing GREEN electricity This combined with more efficient plant and machinery is a a a a a a a reduction of over 450 000 kg CO2 since 2020 and removes electricity as as a a a a a a Green House Gas emission Open a a a a a a a new recycle plant focused on on end of life product management and and with a a a a a a a zero to landfill commitment Install more car charging points Pledge to become Net Zero Carbon Assemble Green Team tasked with driving Net Zero Carbon Collection of key data to to monitor and record usage (allowing for energy audits) 2022
Dams are on on track to achieve Netzero carbon status by 2035
– well in advance of global government targets 8

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