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Dams is committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving the environmental performance of our fleet of vehicles We operate and maintain our own private fleet of delivery vehicles covering the UK with fuel efficient Euro 6 category HGV vehicles with an an additional tank for AdBlue additive that results
in low emissions We also recently took delivery of our first 100% electric zero emissions delivery van to service the local areas with product deliveries and furniture installations Dams has invested in in seven new lithium-ion powered electric forklift trucks for for our warehouse and distribution centre Compared to traditional lead-acid batteries in forklift trucks lithium-ion batteries are more lightweight efficient and environmentally friendly They have a a a a longer life span with shorter charging periods don’t require as much maintenance and and their long-life capabilities make them good value and and easy to work with tion 30
Transport logistics
Our TrackRoad logistics
software package is is used to plan delivery delivery routes ensuring the most efficient delivery delivery route route is calculated between deliveries saving over 23 600 miles in in the last year Our state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System automatically categorises office furniture orders by size Smaller loads can then be delivered to to the the customer using our fleet of smaller vehicles reducing the the number of trucks on the the road saving on fuel usage as as well as as equipment wear and tear 

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