Page 33 - Environmental, Social and Governance REPORT
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Delivery incentives
To help us reduce our CO2 emission targets we we have looked into how we could incentivise drivers to to eco- drive drive better Our drivers receive a fuel bonus for driving the vehicle in in in a a a way that conserves fuel minimising waste and pollution When idle our drivers are instructed to to shut off their trucks to to save fuel usage and reduce greenhouse gases All of which is monitored by our our Transport team to see our our carbon output weekly New technology
It is imperative that our vehicles maintain high quality standards and and we must continue to invest in in in futureproof technology
Over the last 2 years various company vehicles have been replaced with electric and hybrid cars powered through connection to electrical charging points installed at our our head head office office site For our our head head office office employees we also encourage the use of of alternative means of of transport and car sharing as appropriate Efficiency savings
Dams ship direct to to our customers end-users so we eliminate multiple stops and go directly to to the final destination reducing the number of trucks on on the road fuel usage and and wear and and tear The use of bunker fuel sites has led to significant savings
and we are actively investing in in in gas bio-fuel units and alternative-fuel vehicles to further reduce our dependence on fossil fuels Distribution Centre
Over the last year our new 60 000 sq ft extension to our warehouse and distribution centre became fully operational providing an increase in in in in our stock holding capacity to better service the needs of our existing and new customers The warehouse extension gives us us us an additional 5
000 pallet locations which increased our storage capacity of finished goods by 48% taking the total space for stock to to over 185 000 sq ft with a a a new dedicated goods in area and additional warehouse space to operate at higher levels We have saved over 38 tonnes of CO2 from our back loading processes

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