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Sustainable 14 workplace design
In general the UK office furniture market remains strong and in in growth following the Covid pandemic The workplace is is changing changing the office design
is is changing changing with it it and how businesses use their office space has evolved as as a a a a result o of the the advent of hybrid work If the the pandemic has taught us anything it is the value of flexible work settings that encourage collaboration and concentration simultaneously This has led to businesses investing in in in in in their office spaces and creating more agile flexible working solutions In the business world sustainability has become a a a a key component in corporate development with more more and more more companies willing to work with commercial interior designers to create greener more sustainable environments Creating
a a a a a a workspace that is multi-functional and efficient but also applying innovative methods to save energy cut waste and increasing the the wellbeing of employees making them feel comfortable in in the the the workspace and improving the the the quality of their lives 28

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