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Upholstery Factory
In our upholstery factory we’ve used C-Gex machines for the upholstery of chair seats and backs which use the drawstring method on a a a a heated bed filled with glass beads which allow for the the covers to be glued and fitted neatly And they are so good that we’ve just taken delivery of another C-Gex machine as we look to to reduce our lead times on made-to- order task chairs We’ve also completely re-designed the factory floor and manufacturing processes in in our upholstery factory to to improve the the flow of products through the the site and to reduce manufacturing time This means that we can make our range of o o office chairs and soft seating products quicker so so we can reduce our lead times with an improved rate of on-time deliveries and enhancing the overall product quality of our upholstered products Wood mill The Homag Sawteq B-400 HKL is capable of cutting up to 50 000 panels per week with members of the Dams team even travelling to Germany for some training on the software We also have an an additional double sided edge bander with the new SCM Stefani EVO C C machine which supported with a a a stand-alone state-of-the-art extraction system as we look to do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint We took delivery of a a new Homag BMG 310
Cenateq CNC shaping drilling and routing machine to run alongside our our existing shaping machines to help ensure all our our standard wood products are consistently available from stock The brand new Homag Drilltec D-500 has two tasks - - drilling and and dowelling - so it can drill panels inject glue and then insert dowels for improved efficiency The Baz 722 also from Homag specialises in in in routing and edging two completely different wood panels both at the same time!
manufacturing Dams UK manufacturing operations are made up of a a a a a a a wood mill and and upholstery factory We cut edge and and finish all our MFC products design the steelwork and upholster our own seating ranges at at our state of the art production facility Since 2018 we have invested over £19M in in in capital expenditure on new new new buildings new new new equipment and new new new systems to secure the the long term position of the the company and employees We have invested £6M in in in 2022/23 alone on on new machinery IT infrastructure and our warehouse extension which has created over 50 new permanent jobs As our turnover increases we benefit from economies of scale within both our distribution network and from increased purchasing power within our supply chain We have over £7m finished stock holding covering over over 9 500 product lines and a a national delivery network already servicing over over £63m turnover of office furniture and soft seating business When Dams Furniture obtained ISO 9001: 2015 in in August 2019 it it demonstrated to our UKAS & ASI Accredited Certification Body a a a high degree of compliance and a a a a a committed approach to driving business improvements and product innovation using our Quality Management System 

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