Page 27 - Environmental, Social and Governance REPORT
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We operate the following policies that assist our approach
to to the identification of modern slavery risks and steps to to be taken to prevent slavery and human trafficking in in our operations including in in in in our supply chain Whistleblowing Policy - we encourage all our our employees to to report any concerns relating to to unlawful conduct malpractice dangers to the the public or the the environment and any other matter of a a a a serious nature Our policy includes specific guidance for employees on how to recognise signs of abuse including slavery human trafficking forced labour and and how to to respond to to and and escalate any concerns Business Ethics Policy - our policy sets out the core values which we expect to be observed throughout the company Our Supplier Code of Ethical Conduct details the values we expect from our external suppliers Supplier Policy - suppliers are are required to declare that they provide safe working conditions treat workers with dignity and and respect and and act ethically and within the the the law in in their use of labour Furthermore we expect our our suppliers to to provide relevant supporting evidence to to justify their statements 91% of suppliers based in the UK We have systems in place to:
• • Identify and and assess potential risk risk areas
• • • Mitigate the risk risk risk of slavery and and human trafficking occurring
• • Monitor potential risk risk areas
Dams recognise that sourcing products locally can play a a a a a a a a a great part in in in reducing our our company’s carbon footprint To that end we are always looking for UK based component suppliers This provides work for people who contribute towards the UK’s economy and considerably reduces our carbon footprint through greatly reduced transport requirements Dams Anti-Slavery Policy and Modern Slavery Slavery Annual Statement is is published online (verified for compliance by The The Business and Human Rights Resource Centre on behalf of The The Home Office) Our Induction Programme and and Employee Handbook familiarise all employees with these policies and and procedures and and directs them to to the the the National Modern Slavery Helpline to to report any concerns they may have (0800 0121 700) Alternatively incidents can be reported directly to our HR Manager Manager or or or Purchasing Manager Manager for investigation Any report and findings are sent to to to our Managing Director to to to action This could involve re-training our supplier on on on modern slavery or alternatively contract termination No incidents have been reported to date 25

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