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2023 Charities
Our Charity Committee is working with Claire House Children’s Hospice and The Big Help Project in in 2023 with exciting and challenging fund raising activities as as well as as volunteering activities Claire House Children’s Hospice helps seriously and terminally ill children live life to the full by creating wonderful experiences and bringing back a a a sense of normality to family life The Big Help Project (Knowsley Food Bank) is a a a a multi-award winning national charity with clear aims to feed the hungry and work with people who are in poverty to help them overcome crisis to create opportunities for a a better future 2023 CHARITY CALENDAR MAY - DECEMBER*
Plus more to come!
Bring a Tin
to Work
for the Big Help food bank MAY Eurovision-themed fun day Raffle cake sale sweepstake
In aid of the Big Help Project JULY
Dams Charity Car Wash
Pay to get your car washed
Sat 26th Liverpool FC Abseil Sign up and get sponsored
Bring a Tin
to Work
for the Big Help food bank SEPTEMBER
Strictly Come Dancing Dance Competition in in aid of Big Help Project OCTOBER
Dashing through the estate
Food Donation
for the Big Help food bank NOVEMBER
Charity Dog Walk
Take your woofs for for walkies
for for Charity T o y D Christm
r i v a e s pre sen t d o nations 17
Dams have also been supporting Merseyside Dogs Home making and donating dog beds designed and and manufactured in-house and and providing supplies such as dog food toys and cleaning equipment to to help in in the day-to-day running of the dogs home “The Charity Team at Dams have been truly wonderful in in supporting what we are doing at La Salle by sharing with us furniture that would otherwise be recy- cled for various reasons It has saved us us a a a a a significant amount of money for which we are are most grateful And we are are delighted with the products!”
Alt valley winter arm community hub: “Just wanted to say Thank You for or- ganising the chairs chairs for us The chairs chairs will be usedin the Winter Warm Hub at The Communiversity this hub is is being set up to help those who are suffering in in the current economic crisis with both food and fuel bills ”

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