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Certificatio ns
When Dams opened our new upholstery factory in in 2019 which brought all our manufacturing and assembly together on on one large site in Knowsley Liverpool Dams made a a a a strategic decision to upgrade our quality management and environmental management systems to the latest ISO standards Quality comes in many parts and at Dams we test and certify our products with the industry leading organisations such as FIRA and SATRA Products tested to British and European standards provide additional peace of mind for customers that furniture purchased from Dams will will not only offer a a robust solution but will will also stand the test of time In 2023 we completed our annual audits for our ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications which we passed once again with flying colours with no no non-conformities or or or or opportunities for for improvement raised This is is is on the the back of the the ISO45001 Health and Safety certificate we we were awarded earlier this year And we’re also in in the the process of going for the the ISO27001 Information Security Management certificate which focuses on protecting corporate information and and data and and managing threats – so stakeholders can rest assured that any customer data we store on file is secure and when they they deal deal with with Dams they they are dealing with with a a a reputable dependable business 6 FSC® certified products available on request

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