Page 5 - Environmental, Social and Governance REPORT
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Our proud history covers over over 50 years of manufacturing in in in the UK office furniture industry We have a a a a forward-thinking entrepreneurial mentality and a a a a a a dynamic growth strategy that
is underpinned by continued investment in in in in our our production and warehouse facilities our our systems and our people Teamwork
Our family business culture helps nurture the personal development of our our staff We encourage everyone to behave professionally and with integrity and respect whilst ensuring a a sense of belonging and togetherness through the the creation of a fun work
environment Responsible
We care about what we we do and we we are are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and minimising our environmental impact on on the planet while recognising our corporate social responsibilities
with our charity work
in the local area Dependable
What we we we do do we we we do do well with a a a a focused approach to manufacturing quality design-led products that
deliver value for money Our huge product portfolio is backed up by industry-leading levels of stock availability which we then provide to to our customers through national wholesaler service options CORE VALUES
Customer Focus
We are are dedicated to to ensuring our customers are are at the forefront of of everything we do We offer leading-edge sales and marketing support with a a a a a friendly easy to do business with mentality and a a a a commitment to delivering our very best Over the last year we have invested £6M in in in new infrastructure to support our sales growth Multi-Million Pound Investments
These multi-million pound investments over the last financial year support Dams’ aggressive growth strategy and we will continue to to to re-invest profits back into the business to to to make fit it as easy as as possible for customers to to deal with with Dams with with product improvements streamlined manufacturing processes sustainable solutions
and service enhancements which contribute to the ongoing commercial success of the business 

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