Made to order seating


Everybody deserves a good office chair which has the movement and positioning capabilities to enable people to sit comfortably, whilst at the same time encouraging productivity by seamlessly supporting the body during work activities. That means combining the right ergonomic design and advanced functionality for optimum flexibility and comfort, in addition to selecting the customer’s individual choice of chair fabric that coordinates with the interior design style or corporate branding.

Well-designed office layouts do more for a business than visual beauty alone, and the variety of chairs and their functions go a long way toward fulfilling all the needs of the workforce. By providing functional, comfortable, and visually pleasing options for employees to use throughout the working day in a selection of fabric styles and colours, you’re enabling them to enjoy the space while doing the best job they can for the business. And in that way, everybody wins.

Tegan Mesh
tegan high
Tegan High
tegan meeting
Tegan Meeting
tegan visitors
Tegan Visitor
senza ergo
Senza Ergo
senza xl
Senza XL
senza high
Senza High
senza mesh
Senza Mesh
senza draughtsman
Senza Draughtsman
senza visitors
Senza Visitors
jota ergo
Jota Ergo
jota xxl
Jota XXL
jota high
Jota High
jota medium
Jota Medium
jota mesh
Jota Mesh
jota visitor
Jota Visitor
altino ergo
Altino Ergo
altino xl
Altino XL
altino high
Altino High
altino draughmans
Altino Draughtsman
altino mesh
Altino Mesh
altino visitors
Altino Visitor
solus task
Solus Task
solus draughtmans
Solus Draughtmans
solus meeting
Solus Meeting
solus visitor
Solus Visitors
tuba cantilever
Tuba Cantilever
tuba 4 leg
Tuba 4 Leg
tuba pyramid base
Tuba Pyramid
Santana Upholstered
Santana Upholstered
Santana Mesh
Santana Mesh
Santana Plastic
Santana Plastic
Santana Perforated
Santana Perforated
Santana Perforated Plastic
Santana Bench
Santana Bench
taurus black
Taurus Black
taurus chrome
Taurus Chrome
taurus bench
Taurus Bench
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