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The application of ergonomics in your workplace will make the environment more comfortable for all employees, boosting productivity and reducing stress ā€“ something that serves both the employer and employees alike.
Selecting the right office chair does not have to be complicated. The key points to remember when choosing office chairs are, how long are the chairs are being used for and what activity will the user be doing while using the chair.
Head rest
Comfort and support option for executive chairs
Lumbar support
Adjusts to support the lower back and spine
Used to fine tune your position and comfort. Adjusting seat height, tilt and lock
Seat height
Allow for your feet to be firmly on the floor when seated. The seat height
should be just below the knee cap when standing.
Standard, weight loaded castors, soft castors or glides
Back rest
Allow the spinal column to follow the natural
ā€˜Sā€™ shape. Height adjustability and lumbar supports will assist
Arm rests
Provide support for the upper body and therefore reduce the stress on the users shoulders and back. However, they should not restrict free movement
Seat tilt
Adjust to improve your comfort
Seat slide
Seat depth should allow the user to use the back support without the front of the seat pad pressing against the back of the lower legs
Chair base
5 star base with weight loaded castors

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