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 25mm Desktops
Featuring durable 25mm melamine worktops available in four finish options, with steel framework available in black, silver and white
Each desk has three scalloped cut outs in the 25mm tops allowing cables to pass directly through to the cable tray and cable risers to ensure complete cable control
   Cable Management
Vertical cable management allows cables to rise from the floor via single leg and mass cable risers into shared cable trays to improve office aesthetics and safety
  Optional Sliding Tops
The desktops slide forward to a maximum distance of 125mm giving you greater access to the cable tray, allowing easy access from the top
   Finish Options
Desktops available in Beech, Walnut, White and White with Oak trim. Frames available in Black, Silver and White
Beech (B) Walnut (W) White (WH) White / Oak Edge (WO) Frames
       Black frame (K) Silver frame (S) White frame (WH)

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