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 Dining Tables
Dining and meeting tables with five different base styles in multiple finish options to create the look and style you need in any canteen or café environment
  Poseur Tables
Available with circular, square or rectangular table tops in various sizes, tall poseur tables which are a very popular choice thanks to their simple yet elegant design
   Coffee Tables
Our designer coffee tables are available with circular and square tops with base options, perfect for employees to catch up over a quick drinks break or to discuss the day’s events
  Tables & Benches
The Slab 25 table and bench systems are a creative, practical solution for any breakout space, office canteen or café area, optional power module to slot into the 80mm grommet hole
 Finish Options
Table tops available in Beech, Maple, Oak, Walnut and White. Frames available in various finish options coffee, dining and poseur heights.
     Beech (B) Maple (M) Oak (O) Walnut (W) White (WH)
    Black base (K) White base (WH) Chrome base (C) Brushed Steel base (BS)

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