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 25mm Table Tops
Featuring durable 25mm melamine table tops available in four finish options, with steel framework available in black, silver and white
  Modular Configurations
Each configuration begins with a starter unit - then simply extend with an add-on unit in the same width, depth and colour. Tables can be extended further with additional add-on units
   Bench Legs
Steel legs and framework for enhanced strength and stability, with recessed legs positioned in the centre of the table clusters when creating multiple configurations
  Integrated Technology
Using the latest technology, Adapt boardroom tables can be transformed into interactive and inspiring workspaces using integrated power and data modules
 Finish Options
Table tops available in Beech, Walnut, White and White with Oak trim. Frames available in Black, Silver and White
Beech (B) Walnut (W) White (WH) White / Oak Edge (WO)
   Black (K) Silver (S) White (WH)

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