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 Bluetooth Control Unit
Elev82 Touch - Bluetooth control unit
  Having the option to stand, as well as sit during the work day has been proven not only to benefit the health of the user but also of the business, dramatically improving health, well-being and energy levels of employees.
However just simply having a height adjustable desk
is not always enough to make some employees vary their posture throughout the working day. The app has been developed to remind you when it is time to change postures and help you achieve activity goals.
         • Memory function to set your own height preference settings
• Customised sit-stand cycle to remind you to stand up at the right time • Tracks all the time you’ve stood
• Calculates calories burned during your standing
• Safety support with error alarm notices
Simply insert the dongle into the control box and fit to your existing Elev82 Touch sit-stand desk, download the free app and then pair the app with any connected Elev82 Touch desk to take charge of your work experiences. The height adjustable desk can then be adjusted via a smartphone or tablet.
Get the most out of your height adjustable desk by reminding you to vary your position during the day, with the ability to control the height of your desk as well as memory settings for everyday use.

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