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  Digital Control Box
Elev82 Touch - Digital control unit
   With the touch of a button, the Elev82 digital control box allows users to raise or lower their desks to saved, personal preferences depending on the style of work being undertaken.
The digital control box can be retro-fitted to Elev82 Touch single and back-to- back desks to support fluid, natural movement and versatility throughout the working day.
     This Elev82 digital control box lets you position your desktop exactly where you want it. You can still adjust the height of the sit-stand desks manually by pressing the up and down arrows and the digital display will show the current desk height setting.
The sophisticated track and guidance system allows for four different height settings to be stored, delivering easy-to-use adjustability with a clean design and consistent profile. The increased level of movement will help you be more productive, efficient and engaged.

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