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 Double Motor
Sit-stand desk height adjustment is made through a twin motor for fast, fluid and natural movement of the 25mm desktops with a maximum weight loading of 160kg
  Three Part Frame
The three tiered leg column offers adjustability from 675mm to 1300mm with a low noise level of 39db to provide all the health benefits of periodic standing
   Fabric Screens
Vibe desktop screens are available in special sizes for Elev82 which provide the same level of privacy between back-to-back Elev82 desks when at their highest and lowest points
  Cable Management
Energy cable chain fits inside the lower cable channel of back- to-back desks for cable management with a vertical cable spine option for the single desks to carry wires from floor to desktop
 Finish Options
Table tops available in Beech, Walnut, White and White with Oak trim. Frames available in Black, Silver and White
Beech (B) Walnut (W) White (WH) White / Oak Edge (WO) Frames
       Black (K) Silver (S) White (WH)

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