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 The success of any project involves skilled, specialist knowledge and expertise to ensure that every delivery and installation exceeds customer expectations time and time again. From initial concepts through to completion and beyond, our highly experienced team deliver a professional and accurate project.
We manufacture specialist furniture that combines technical and aesthetic performance and all Social Spaces products are supported by our renowned 5 year guarantee. Our after sales service team are also trained to offer ongoing training, support and assistance with any issues that may arise.
We also recognise that manufacturing operations have an effect on the local, national and global environment and we are committed to achieving continual improvement in environmental performance and preventing pollution. We also offer a complete furniture recycling and re-purposing service for our clients.
As all products in the Social Spaces range are “made to order”, it is our policy that once these products have been ordered they cannot be canceled or amended. All orders need to be placed on a Social SpacesTM order form. Please contact the Dams sales team for order forms.
All prices shown are in sterling (£) and are subject to current rate of VAT.
When ordering please ensure that the current delivery route is clearly marked on the order. Dams offer a number of delivery solutions from delivery to trade warehouse, direct to end user and fully installed.
Delivery charges to be agreed at order confirmation.
Lead times
Lead times are 4-6 weeks but will vary from range to range. Every effort is made to maintain the quoted lead time, please contact your sales manager for current delivery lead times.
All Social Spaces products are guaranteed for a period of 5 years regardless of usage. All products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects, except for upholstery, castors and mechanisms which are subject to usage related wear and tear. The warranty is effective from the day the product leaves the factory and the supplier reserves the right not to apply the warranty in cases of inappropriate use or when a product has been tampered with by a third party or interventions by non-authorised personnel. All complaints concerning the goods must be made in writing and the company shall undertake to repair any product or part of a product that proves to be faulty.
All measurements are in millimeters and can have a tolerance ±12mm on all soft seating. Measurements may vary depending on components used and we reserve the right to change them from time to time.
If you require any additional information or clarification, please contact the Dams sales team.

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