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We are all born with an ability to focus. But as much as we would like to retain that skill forever, life itself proves to be very loud, colourful and sometimes just too interesting for us to be able to avoid distractions forever. Being able to concentrate is something we need to fight for, especially in open offices. And the best weapon for winning that fight is not stronger coffee or cooler office perks, it’s offering your employees a real chance to focus.


Silen space 1

Silen - Space 1

Privacy can be difficult to find in a modern, open plan office. Silen 1 puts your workspace to most efficient use by creating an island of silence in an open office.

Silen space 2

Silen - Space 2

The ability to create a mix of diverse workspaces means that an organisation can create balance for its workers, thereby optimising their potential productivity and output.

Silen space 4

Silen - Space 4

Silen 4 cosily fits four and up to eight people for an efficient brainstorming session or for a longer meeting that requires everyone to be on the same wavelength.

Silen space 6

Silen - Space 6

Silen 6 comes with plenty of room for creative teams and working groups to embark on wild idea expeditions. The modular structure also means that you can quickly change your space size when you need it.

chatbox single

Chatbox single

Designed and developed by industry-leading acoustic experts, the Chatbox telephone booth is adequate for one person and they are the perfect peaceful environment for phone calls away from the noise and distraction.

chatbox duo

Chatbox duo

Chatbox Duo offers a private meeting room in an instant, helping people to connect, collaborate and focus in private. A silent space for creativity to flourish - Duo the box, duo the fun!

Priva workstations

Priva workstations

Highly relevant in today’s modern open plan offices, Priva workspaces are designed for those moments where personal space is required to focus on tasks with minimal noise and distraction.


Piano Solo

The Piano Solo phone booth provide workers with a private acoustic space to make personal phone calls or one-to-one video conferencing. These sturdy single person pods come complete with a standing height table top.


Piano Tiles

Our Piano Tiles for walls are modular, acoustic panels are the decorative solution to sound control needs in any office, education or retail environment.


Piano Chords

The simplistic beauty of the Piano Chords hanging acoustic panels is that they are available in five unique natural and geometric designs with a selection of colours, styles, and endless design possibilities.


Piano Scales

Piano Scales are a range of suspended acoustic panels of various sizes and shapes that can be used in various combinations to improve the quality of the acoustic environment. Ideal for meeting rooms and dining areas.


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